Angela Nepomuceno


Lush Angel


A chameleon who can adapt from simple to glam to rugged.

About me and my blog

I’m Angela Nepomuceno, a freelance makeup artist and model. I am also an entrepreneur and a full-time blog addict. is not just any ordinary lifestyle blog – it is an online celebration of living the good life and what the world has to offer. The site tackles a vast array of subject matter ranging from beauty, fashion, food, travel, and gadgets. Lush Angel appeals to various readers who are looking for beauty tips and reviews, latest fashion trends, style ideas, places to visit, restaurant reviews, and the newest gadgets in town. It is all about anything and everything I love and fancy.

Lush Angel is a feel-good site. It’s a nice piece to read especially to those people who I share the same interests with. Expect to be educated and at the same time entertained. Nothing heavy. It will definitely bring a smile to one’s face.

What inspired me to become a beauty blogger

My passion for beauty and makeup led me to become a makeup artist and a beauty blogger. I love trying out what’s new in the market and I realized it would be nice to share my thoughts in every product I encounter.

My all-time favorite beauty product

Creamy concealer. Just a small amount under the eyes and it can brighten up the face in an instant. It can also make one look flawless by covering those blemishes.