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My Lucid Intervals

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I am a blawgger, blogger and lawyer rolled into 1.

About me and my blog

The title “My Lucid Intervals” means a phase of mental sanity or a temporary period of rationality. I consider blog as my lucid moments during law school years and up until now in the legal profession. My Lucid Intervals caters to those starting out with their love for makeup and those hard core beauty enthusiasts. My Lucid Intervals features honest reviews and opinions on beauty products. My blog is known for featuring drugstore gems and dupes of high end brands. As a makeup artist, I also love to share makeup tutorials and tips and tricks.

As a beauty blogger and a lawyer, I want to empower others to pursue their dreams, profession and passion without having to conform to societal norms. At the end of the day, my blog is not limited to makeup or the incessant need to be pretty all the time, it is knowing that building one’s character is far more important than being physically beautiful.

What inspired me to become a beauty blogger

My first years in law school were truly nerve-wrecking and it made me look stressed and older. During this time, I began reading beauty blogs and watching Youtube videos. This new found interest and passion in makeup has helped me in achieving my ATTY with a beautiful perspective.

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