Earth Rullan




Mother blogger of all ages!

About me and my blog

Before being a mom, I was a woman first.  A woman with personal wants and needs.  Earthlingorgeous is a blog that seeks to inspire every woman in the world to enjoy life to the fullest despite of all the challenges and difficulties of being a single mom.  I believe that a fulfilled woman (who get to do things for herself and not just for the people around her) is a happy woman who can inspire the people surrounding her.  She will make the best mom, sister, friend, wife or whatever role you take as a female.

My blog is about each and every woman’s interest: fashion, makeup, beauty, shopping and travel (food).  I seek to inform, entertain and inspire everyone to see that life on Earth is gorgeous if you do something to make it that way.  Be active and not passive.  Don’t wish for it.  Claim it!

What inspired me to become a beauty blogger

My readers.  It was after they responded actively on my blog post about my latest beauty finds and discoveries and not just my parenting tips about caring for a child with autism and rants about current affairs. They would ask for about beauty tips, usage and product recommendations like I am a beauty guru or something.