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Perfectly Imperfect

About me and my blog

I share about Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion and Parenting in The Mermaid in Stilettos on a more personal level as I narrate my personal stories, discoveries, reviews, favorites and adventures in between. It’s a journal mostly of what we experience or use on our day to day lives without using any sugar coats. It’s more of like what you see is what you get so my friends, readers and followers could easily share and relate their own experiences on each blog entry. I am always hopeful that I am sharing with everyone a lot of positive vibes to each blog entry which definitely  inspired with the experiences I gained through the years of my existence.

Some snippets of what I do everyday aside from blogging are designing and making of trendy  accessories. I also manage the pop-up store that I own. On some occasions, I also deal with retail business owners and doing pitch presentations to establishments for our Events Company. On a personal note, I am a mom to my one and only daughter and a wife to the most supportive husband in the world. Oh and I used to be a Beauty Title Holder in our University years back and a Finalist/Candidate to the Country’s Most Prestigious Beauty Pageant.

What inspired me to become a beauty blogger

It was just a simple desire to share my experiences, booboos, adventures and discoveries to my friends, followers and readers. Sharing to others what I have tried out already may help them with products/brands that they have not discovered yet themselves. Also, through this medium,  I know that I would be able to stress out to almost everyone’s system that “beauty” and the “fountain of youth” isn’t achieved overnight but with time, patience and commitment.

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