Julia Arenas


Bless My Bag!


I am Julia, petite yet powerful, a bit of a mess but blessed.

About me and my blog

When I was little Mom gave me makeup holidays, weekends when I played with her makeup, but I was not allowed to wear full on makeup till I was around 17. I became more conscious when I worked for Living Asia Channel in 2006. I put my own makeup on-the-go as a writer/host ‘coz there were no make-up artists. The blog began as a thank you post to an Australian company that were very helpful and friendly when something I purchased from them online got lost. I then started watching some make-up tutorials by many currently famous make-up professionals on YouTube.

Eventually, I resigned from digital post production (visual effects) for TVCs (a 6.5 year career) and flew to Singapore to train as a pro makeup artist. I moved forward fast after training and discovered beauty online, falling for some of the products some British girls said were “bloody good” and finding myself growing resourceful online. I poured over prolific beauty blogs (mostly European) and made new friends to update myself with new products, quality reviews and swatches (swipes on the hand) and so forth. In time, I purchased my own domain to be self-hosted and I spun my own beauty thread for my passion. “Bless my bag” is a personal declaration that whatever I need and even want can come to me as a blessing.

What inspired me to become a beauty blogger

I knew that I was into this whole “world” where beauty was presented online in a fun engaging way so I gave it a go and have never had so much fun in such a long time prior to 2010 because it was like stepping into an online beauty wonderland.

The first beauty blogger who inspired me to act was top British blogger, Charlotte Thompson of whose delightful and somewhat magical unboxing post of the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette has made me check her blog daily (and practically without fail) ever since. We’ve become good “blends” (blogger friends) and have even done an international swap once (what fun).