~~Kristel Ann Cruz


I am Krissy


I believe in peace, love, and lip gloss.

About me and my blog

I am Krissy and I am a blogger/ PR girl.

I am happiest when I make. Weaving words is still my favorite medium of self-expression, but no matter what I’m making – prose or poetry or crafts – I’m always in the zone when I’m making something out of nothing. I have a lot of hobbies and projects. In the past year or so I have taken up yoga, carving stamps, calligraphy, painting in watercolor, and attempting to write my first novella. I love personalized stuff and theme parties, and my favorite so far is my How I Met Your Mother-themed 28th birthday party. I also love reading, watching movies, looking up at the stars, and the feeling of sand between my toes. All these interests, including my experimentation with colors and makeup, are chronicled on my blog.

We hope to receive your response by the target date. Again, thank you for being our partner blogger!

What inspired me to become a beauty blogger

I believe playing with makeup is even more fun when it’s a shared experience with friends. Blogging about my beauty finds is just like that, but in an even bigger scale.

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