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I’m a bright and happy girl who lives in the moment and loves endlessly.

About me and my blog is where I share beauty with a happy attitude. It is an extension of my person, aimed to offer an accessible, relatable and enjoyable introduction and exploration of beauty and life. I started as a personal blog meant to challenge my writing skills – it is actually a New Year’s resolution so I’m quite proud to have been keeping it for a while now; but it eerily evolved into a beauty-focused space because as I poured my heart out in words, the unexpected happened… I revealed what I truly loved the most, and that is beauty. I think people are beautiful in their own ways and I always try to appreciate what life has to offer because each day, to me, is a dream to be realized. Among many things, my blog is a welcoming space for people of every color. On any given day, I burst with warmth and friendliness and that makes my blog unique. My driving force in improving my blog is my gratefulness for what life has offered—and has to offer—to me and the friends I make through the blog.

What inspired me to become a beauty blogger

Words are my form of expression and naturally, when the idea of sharing a love for life entered the picture, was born. I was inspired by the friendship and the liberating web space as a canvas to spread good thoughts and sensible stories for other people to draw strength and wisdom from. My focus zeroed in on beauty because beauty blogging is vibrant, empowering and colorful – three things that I aim to project through my blog.