Lee Shen Gee


Shen's Addiction


Using makeup as a weapon, not a shield to cover who I am.

About me and my blog

Have you ever been crazy confused when you’re inside your favorite beauty store or have you ever been excited about a new red lipstick that you know you might probably already have in your stash? I will help you decide what to buy or help you justify your most frivolous beauty purchase (wink!).

Aptly named Shen’s Addiction, this beauty blog is full of beauty reviews, features and looks that you can easily recreate based on my experiences. Nothing here but from a girl like you who loves exploring beauty and to help everyone look and feel their best. I love to inspire and empower women with confidence with just a swipe of blush and dab of concealer.

What inspired me to become a beauty blogger

Fellow Beauty Bloggers like Sophia Uy of, Nikki Tiu of AskMeWhats and Brigitte Santos of inspired me to create my own blog and share my love for beauty. Because of them, I was able to acquire confidence I didn’t know I had and wish that I, too, could inspire confidence in others.