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Char believes that beauty comes from within.

About me and my blog

I’m Char. Just like anybody else, I am a lot of things. I’m an entrepreneur, a wife,  a mother of an active toddler, a professional makeup artist, a beauty and lifestyle blogger and a Youtuber. I know that a modern woman wears a lot of hats and my blog is a peek at a modern woman’s life. I babble about beauty, motherhood, food, travel and a whole lot more.

My blog is created to document my interests and it’s also created for the purpose of inspiring and helping other people to enjoy life and everything that it’s got to offer!

What inspired me to become a beauty blogger

As a makeup artist, I saw what makeup can do to a person, not only physically but most importantly, how it lifts up one’s confidence and make a person feel good about themselves. I learned that sharing my knowledge is my way of encouraging my followers and letting them know that real beauty comes from within and it naturally radiates out.

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