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Korean Cosmetics Beauty Blogger in Bekimon

About me and my blog

I am a hodgepodge of a trekkie meets Asian makeup junkie meets kpop fangirl. I am a misfit blogger, am a combination of a female geeky-nerd. I am the type that get 80’s movies and tv jokes and references and laugh out loud and do not care if I am in public when I do laugh. I am also a science fiction and a little fantasy genre fan. My friends come from all different walks of life from teen age anime cosplayers to medical doctors to senior nun who happens to be Star Trek fan. I also understand anatomy and disease jokes as I took my med proper at the Pamantasan ng Lunsod ng Maynila. So please excuse me if i suddenly rant in medical terms. However, what I am known for is my reviews for mostly Korean cosmetics.

My readership know me to follow the Korean F4 and their endorsements but that doesn’t exclude my rants and rave about other KPOP idol groups. As such many of my reviews will concentrate of specific brands specially if they are endorsed by the actors in the Korean Boys over Flower series and by the hip hop rnb Korean girl group, 2ne1. I also try my best to keep my reviews to products available in Manila to be able to realistically answer our local fangirls on the availability of the blog aforementioned products. What keeps me blogging are the people I have along the way. I have met many who are interested in what I have to say, and for this I am grateful.

What inspired me to become a beauty blogger

I wanted blog about Korean Cosmetics back in 2009 in English. There were so very few bloggers at the time who wrote in English about Korean brands. I also wanted to concentrate my niche to Kpop Idol endorsed brands to help the fangirl choose the budget appropriate products that their idols are endorsing.