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About me and my blog

Hello everyone! I’m Mari, short for Marilene. No one ever spells Marilene right the first time around, which is why I stuck to Mari hihihi. I am a beauty (of course!) and food blogger, currently a student, and a crazy cat lady. I come from Chinese Dutch ancestry, which is why I look Korean, Japanese and Chinese all at the same time. My other hobbies include singing, bead art, clay art, and formerly, cosplay.

Doll Up Mari is the place where you, ehem, doll up Mari. Initially, I didn’t wear makeup all the time except for when I was trying out different looks for the blog, hence the name. But now, I do wear makeup everyday, and my blog is now filled with beauty reviews, tutorials, swatches, and other beauty related content. I always yearn to be fair in giving reviews because I want to be that online friend who will help people with their beauty purchase decisions. (I think!) my reviews are known for being lengthy, full of pictures, and with no detail left untouched.

What inspired me to become a beauty blogger

I started beauty blogging because I’ve always been fascinated about the idea of having my own online space. What made me stay is how  I can hear my own voice, exercise my own autonomy with the content that I do, and of course, it’s a way to express my passion for the things I love. Being able to work with brands and co-bloggers and making friends from all walks of life are the priceless perks of blogging that keep me driven and motivated.

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