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Rowena Wendy Lei
Animetric’s World
Beauty over everything else!

About me and my blog

Animetric’s World is my little space on the web. It’s a world of food, beauty, health, fun places, events, family stuff, freebies… things that would interest a mom like me, and then some. Quite simply, it’s my world.

I’m a freelance writer for several magazines — Working Mom, Health Today, Moms Today, and Good Housekeeping. I sometimes write for a few online publications. You can view my writing portfolio HERE… but I haven’t been updating it lately because it’s such a pain to scan. Anyways, blogging isn’t a job or business for me. I do it because it’s fun and it makes me happy.

What inspired me to become a beauty blogger

My overwhelming love for beauty products drove me to finally blog about them. I end up hauling so many that I thought I may as well share them with the rest of the world. Open-mouthed smile.