Sabs Hernandez


Musings of a Makeup Maven


Makeup is power. It's like wearing a secret pair of red thongs.

About me and my blog

My name is Sabs Hernandez, and I have been putting on makeup as early as 14 years old. 10 years later, I pursued a career in makeup artistry so I get to talk and play with makeup.

But being blessed with a full schedule working full time in editorial, working with brides, Print Ads and TV Commercials, I almost have no time to answer all emails that come to me.

That’s when I started my blog in 2008 so I can get to write everything I learn on the field when it comes to makeup application, and share my knowledge to who ever would take it. In 2010 after being with Lancôme for 4 years, I left so I can have more time working in the wedding industry and focus on my writing. I blog mostly about makeup tips, trends, and personal usage of the products. I recommend brands and review items which are mostly requested by my readers.

Although weddings keep me busy, I still do magazine editorials, cover shoots, and advertising. I continue to do makeup for a few celebrities and models nationwide. Blogging is my form of unwinding after a long day of beautifying, so I make it a point to post at least 4-6 times a week to keep my readers updated on the latest makeup trends, products, and tips on all that is related to beauty!

What inspired me to become a beauty blogger

Honestly, I’ve always wanted to be a journalist or a novelist. I have always enjoyed writing and reading long before I learned how to put on lipstick. Blogging was able to combine two of my favorite things: makeup and writing. I feel that sharing my knowledge in makeup, I could make a difference. I want to inspire women to have the confidence to wear makeup more. At this day and age, it’s impossible to not look beautiful. It’s all on us. Spending time in front of the mirror putting on makeup is not vanity. It’s a way of showing people we have respect for them by making ourselves look great when we face them.

My all-time favorite beauty product

Any Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. It can erase anything you put on your face. I am all for playing around and experimenting with makeup, but be sure to completely erase them at night!