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Sarah Irene Tirona
Fashion Eggplant
If Peter Pan was a 35 year old mom living in Manila, then that would be me!

About me and my blog

I started my blog as something personal. An outlet where I could document my daily looks to make sure I didn’t let myself go after childbirth. This was years ago and I didn’t realize that there were settings and mine was on public! I began to gain readers who would send me inspiring emails and comments. This is what really inspired me to go on and keep writing, that circle of inspiration and the realization that I was helping other women find themselves again after getting lost in motherhood.

That is what my blog is about: empowering the modern woman through knowledge. I do personal style posts, beauty reviews, articles on travel, fitness, food, and gadgets. Quite a handful but that’s only because I know that we are multi-dimensional and interested in more than just our looks.

But of course, it doesn’t hurt to put in that extra effort to look amazing while doing what we do! After all, looking great, feeling great, and staying young at heart is the key to confidence, good self-esteem and an ultimately happy life and household!

What inspired me to become a beauty blogger

I know a lot of women who don’t bother with beauty products because they feel overwhelmed with the plethora of choices. I think it’s nice that I get to help them narrow things down and decide which is best for them by making the process less intimidating through my unbiased reviews.