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Sophie Uy
Beauty is my passion.

About me and my blog

I talk about beauty in Beautynomics in a more personal level, and even include some personal entries like traveling and life events. Beauty is a part of my life, as I have found my solace in it – it’s my place in the sun.

What inspired me to become a beauty blogger

I remember my college days when I would be highly experimental about skin care and makeup, and pausing in between because of the stress. Friends would ask advice from me about beauty products, what to buy, and what I thought about it. Beautynomics was born out of the desire to share my thoughts, recommendations on beauty products, to reach to a wider scale. I love sharing, and Beautynomics is sharing about my passion for beauty to the world!

My all-time favorite beauty product

Nu Skin Cleansing Gel. It’s been in my stash for almost a decade!