Editor’s Review: AVEDA Invati Advanced 3-Step Collection

Self-care. These two words are what lingers in my mind, knowing that my body needs it, specially from the ravages that the pandemic has brought to my body. As I am taking a day one at a time and getting lotsa resting and loving myself, I find myself having hairfall as a result of stress during the past two years. My once thick mane has become thinner, and it has not been fun seeing hair falling from your scalp. Stress weakens the scalp and causes hairfall. Aside from that, I learned that scalp-pulling styles such as ponytails contribute to hairball, too!And of course, post-pregnancy and aging, as natural part of our body’s seasons, it happens, too.

I’m just so happy that despite the hairfall that there are premium products in the market that can address this concern. Beauty brand Aveda is world-renowned for having amazing hair products that give so much love to the hair, that are vegan, and synthetic-fragrance free. To address hairfall,The INVATI hair care line promises thicker hair when used fully in twelve weeks! INVATI means “invigorate” in Sanskrit, as it does its job to invigorate the scalp to wellness!

With delight, I am able to try the INVATI hair care line, and the first happy feedback that I would have to give is that it smells so good. For those who love the fragrance of nature, then Aveda has it! Aveda’s synthetic-free fragrance lets me just want to linger in the shower a little bit more with its invigorating woodsy scent. The INVATI Advanced  Exfoliating Shampoo Light lathered quite easily through my hair, sensing the delicate cleansing that it has to offer. The INVATI Advanced Thickening Conditioner, on the other hand, felt rich on the hair, as well as glided easily as it untangled my hair wonderfully in the shower. Rinsing it off, my hair feels clean, but nourished, with that wonderful woodsy scent of nature lingering in my senses. My hair feels energized.

The last step in the INVATI line is the INVATI Advanced Scalp Revitalizer, which is to be sprayed and massaged to the scalp. This invigorating formula penetrates to help support the hair’s natural keratin. It’s a natural “root-lifter” as it instantly thickens the hair and just makes the scalp healthier one massage at a time. My experience here is that, this feels like fragrance to the hair, and it is so cooling to the scalp that I think that it just gave some calming signals to my brain. I think that I’d continue using this line to stretch towards twelve weeks to be able to see the thickening effects on the hair, but really, this line screams self-care to me - fragrance, cleansing, nourishing, thickening, and caring for the scalp big time. It encompasses the wide spectrum of what it means to be "invigorated!"

Right now, I’m deeply satisfied and happy with my experience with the INVATI hair care line by Aveda. Looks like my scalp is on its way to being energized and happy, and my hair will regain its lost glory post-hairfall!

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